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Modernise your business to accept payments in Bitcoin, on chain or off chain via the Lightning Network.


Schedule on-chain Bitcoin withdrawals or manually withdraw over the Lightning Network with zero fees

Bank Deposits

Quickly withdraw and receive your funds via wire transfer to your bank account.

Our Vision of the future

Global coverage

Receive payments from anywhere in the world instantly. No charge-backs, no clearance times, instant fulfilment.

New payment models

New technology allows for new payments models. Pay per second to listen, play or browse. Monetise any experience with microtransactions.

New Currencies

Hybrid blockchain based government issued cryptocurrencies intermingle with non government issued, trust-less currencies where people hold and transact in whichever currency they wish.

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What our clients say

We host crypto meet-ups at our bar in Shoreditch. Lightning Payments have gone down a storm! And it all took less than a day to set-up.

Oscar Smith

After adding the plugin to my website, I can receive Bitcoin payments and convert them to fiat instantly. Lightning Network is a revolution!

James Stevens

About us

Payment systems as we know them today are about to be completely revolutionised. We at Lightning Pay are at the vanguard of that revolution.

We aim to be the most simple and reliable payments stack for your business. Lightning Pay offers a robust platform that consists of an easy to use e-commerce and retail plug-in solution, payment infrastructure and the fastest payment processor technology to allow for brand new payments models and instantaneous settlements.

With Bitcoin, financial services are now open to anyone with an idea; however, Bitcoin needs to be easily accessible for mass adoption. With Lightning Pay, we aim to bridge the gap between this technology and the rest of the world. The Lightning Network with Bitcoin can achieve this goal. We’ve built a simple payment platform for anyone anywhere. Our mission is to help create a borderless future where everyday transactions can happen with Bitcoin.


Leeds and London, UK